2023 OR Manager Conference – Keynotes & General Sessions


This package includes the keynote and general session recordings from the 2023 OR Manager Conference. Includes 9 sessions and opportunity to earn 9 contact hours after completion of a posttest. See below for further details.



This package include the keynote presentations & general sessions presented at the 2023 OR Manager Conference. It includes 9 sessions and opportunity to earn 9 contact hours.

Sessions include:

Opening Keynote: Passionate Leadership – Soaring to New Heights

Today’s leaders are challenged like never before. At the same time, they are in a unique position to have a greater impact on the future of their industry. So how can you stay inspired and continue to grow and evolve as a leader when chaos reigns, morale is low and change is a constant? Spend a high-content, high-fun hour with The Inspiration Nurse and get primed, pumped-up and supercharged for the coming decade!

Learning objectives:

  • Identify and avoid the perils and pitfalls of being an experienced leader.
  • Create physical and emotional accessibility.
  • Self-management strategies to support your success.

Multi-Modal Approach for Post-Operative Pain and Anxiety, Sponsored by: Elequil Aromatabs® by Beekley Medical

Attend this lunch presentation to learn about a multi-modal approach on the use of aromatherapy as an effective adjunct for stress, anxiety, pain, and post-operative/post-procedural nausea & vomiting.

Learn the outcomes and the importance of nurse-led research for three projects in an urban-based, safety-net community hospital system focusing on the improvement of staff wellness and patient care outcomes.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how the use of aromatherapy reduced stress levels in nurses during a worldwide pandemic.
  • Learn how the use of aromatherapy on surgical patients reduced pain scores and PRN opioid use.
  • Discover how using aromatherapy on post-operative and post-procedural patient population reduced secondary use of PRN antiemetic use for nausea and vomiting.

Optimized Block Allocation – Balancing the Demand for OR Time with Resource Utilization, Sponsored by: LeanTaaS

Perioperative leaders face challenges in optimizing the use of operating room time due to the common mindset among surgeons that their block time is the only means of accessing the OR. Block management processes and procedures are often manual, time-intensive, and retrospective. To improve OR utilization, hospitals and perioperative teams are adopting a proactive, data-driven approach with predictive and prescriptive analytics to support block allocation and drive strategic operational decision-making.

In this session, MultiCare’s Associate Vice President of Perioperative Services will provide insights into leveraging people, process, and technology to enhance block utilization and allocation.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the challenges associated with traditional block allocation methods.
  • Explain the benefits of leveraging data-driven insights with predictive and prescriptive analytics during the block allocation process.
  • Learn how Multicare adoption of technology unlocked OR capacity and optimized resource allocation.

Quality Measure Reporting Updates for ASCs

This session will discuss the CMS Quality Measure Reporting Program for ASCs. Learn what quality reporting measures are required and get key definitions and answers to frequently asked questions.

Learning objectives:

  • Define the quality reporting that is required by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).
  • Identify the different look-up tools available for participants to utilize.
  • Discuss possible future program measures and topics for consideration.

Keynote: Where are We Now with Patient Safety & Quality?

Where are we now with patient safety after 3 years reacting to changing pandemic protocols? Attend the afternoon keynote session to understand how the industry can refocus, prevent medical errors and take a different approach to patient safety.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to take a total systems approach to improving perioperative safety.
  • Identify root causes of failure and how to incorporate strong and reliable actions along the way.
  • Discover how your OR might be missing the mark on patient safety and how to fix it.

Utilizing LEAN Principles as a Tipping Point for Value Based Procurement, Sponsored by: Mölnlycke Healthcare

LEAN thinking begins with one simple process, identifying value. Value-based procurement encourages outstanding healthcare by rewarding quality not quantity of healthcare services. Integrating the two brings the possibility of perfect value to the customer, through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste to the healthcare facility.

Attend this breakfast presentation for an enlightening discussion on the use of LEAN principles in value stream improvement and propose a plan that implements value-based procurement in a LEAN environment for your facility.

Learning objectives:

  • Compare the integration of the primary pillars of LEAN with the primary components of value-based procurement.
  • Acknowledge common pitfalls in cost-containment while determining value-add opportunities in healthcare supplies.
  • Cite 4 types of value and how LEAN strategies can generate best outcomes in the healthcare environment.

Welcome to the Inflection Point of OR Planning and Performance, Sponsored by: Fujitsu

Let this be your inflection point to explore a new paradigm and discover how decision science and intelligent guidance can help improve your OR planning and performance. In this session, you will learn how to address the root cause of surgical schedule and planning inefficiencies by holistically accounting for all the resources that need to be brought together in an optimal way. Optimized capacity planning leads to maximum OR utilization and surgical throughput, translating into revenue increases, better employee experiences as well as positive impacts on patient experience and health.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover how decision science can be utilized for enhancing OR planning and performance.
  • Gain insights on stabilizing the day of surgery and reducing unplanned disruptions that lead to unplanned overtime and patient dissatisfaction.
  • Learn the intelligent recommendations that transform OR planning habits leading to unprecedented improvement in planning and performance.

Keynote: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Reducing Administrative Burden and Improving Staff Satisfaction

Join Dr. Harvey Castro, a seasoned Emergency Physician and AI expert, in this dynamic presentation as we delve into the transformative power of AI in healthcare. With a humble and grateful tone, Dr. Castro will inspire and motivate attendees to reimagine the possibilities that AI can bring to the healthcare field.

Dr. Castro, will discuss how AI, particularly ChatGPT, can dramatically reduce the administrative burden in healthcare settings. ChatGPT has the potential to automate many administrative tasks that traditionally require human intervention, thus freeing up valuable time for healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the many uses of AI and how it can streamline patient data entry, appointment scheduling, and record-keeping processes.
  • Discover how AI can empower patients to have an active role in managing their health.
  • Demonstrate ways to use AI in order to increase efficiencies and improve staff satisfaction.

Closing Keynote: The Power of Humor to be an Effective Leader

Humor has been proven to benefit nurses, first responders, leaders, families, relationships and individuals by reducing stress and releasing trauma. Learn how you can turn a stressful crisis into a manageable event and come out stronger on the other side by using humor.

Wrap up your education vacation’ by attending the closing keynote which promises to be the icing on the cake of a very insightful week! Join Nancy Norton, RN, for an impactful hour focusing on the power of humor in being an effective leader!

Using laughter as medicine, Nancy will delight the audience with comedic stories on life’s biggest pain points, most rewarding accomplishments and send you off feeling refreshed and recharged.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize the difference between adaptive and maladaptive humor styles.
  • Discover how the use of adaptive humor bonds us with our teams, builds trust and leads to increased staff retention.
  • Learn how humor enhances creative problem solving, lowers stress and creates a sense of well-being.

To learn more about the sessions, visit: 2023.ORManagerConference.com/conference