April 28: Building a Data-Driven Management Culture and Leveraging Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics


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Electronic health records (EHRs) have long been the source of information for decisions about how to allocate OR time, but EHRs lack the predictive and prescriptive capabilities that are needed to maximize OR utilization. These include:
• Direct access via cloud to transparent data, defensible metrics, visualizations, and easy-to-use tools “on the fly.”
• Ability to make effective use of both open time and blocked time.
• Ability to streamline the entire scheduling process to be 100% automated and digitized to schedule cases.
• Ability to predict when block owners won’t use block time far in advance and prescribe when they should release time.
• Transparency of available open time.
• Ability to right-size blocks in a fair, surgeon-centric manner.
• Ability to predict future volumes and trends to aid in staff and capital planning.

Learn how hospitals around the country are successfully moving toward a fair and transparent system for scheduling cases, and managing block and open time while maximizing staff, equipment, and capital utilization. The results are impressive: $500K per OR per year improvement in revenue, 6%point+ increase in prime-time utilization, growth of surgical market share, increased surgeon, staff, and patient satisfaction.