Free Webinar: How OR Managers Can Save Capital Dollars with an Equipment-Sharing Initiative Post COVID-19


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As hospitals resume their elective case schedule post COVID-19, there will be significant demand for capital equipment. Not only will case volume be higher in operating rooms, but also extended into more sites of care such as medical office buildings, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), and specialty clinics. At the same time, healthcare leaders know that returning their organization to financial health means doing more with less, with fewer capital dollars available for new equipment purchases.

Join us for this free webinar to learn about a step-by-step approach for implementing a program to share equipment between hospitals, an entirely new way to save that maximizes equipment utilization, eliminates rental fees, and reduces capital expenses. As elective surgeries are rescheduled, explore how an equipment sharing program can help expand service lines into new sites of care—without the corresponding capital costs—and address new requests for equipment.