FREE WEBINAR: Leadership, Policy & Transparency: Driving Sustainable Value, Efficiency, & Surgeon Utilization


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Managing ORs is hard, especially without access to reliable and readily available data. EHRs that are built to capture information about patients and their care do not provide the level of data visibility or reliability needed to make daily as well as strategic decisions about expensive healthcare assets such as ORs. Ensuring surgeons have optimal access, knowing exactly where and how to drive efficiency, and delivering value to surgeons, patients, and staff are constant challenges. These challenges require greater visibility into available OR time and key performance indicators.

Please join us for this free webinar to learn how one health system achieved the following:

  • Transitioned away from manually compiling reports (as EHR reports were inadequate).
  • Established effective policies to drive value and efficiency.
  • Created capacity in busy ORs, providing greater access to open time.
  • Delivered transparency in a manner that positively changed surgeon practices.

Additionally, attendees will learn about proven technology for leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics to enable organizations to break through barriers to OR value and efficiency.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss strategies to improve OR utilization.
  • Explain the benefits of creating more open time in the OR.
  • Understand how to effectively leverage data to positively change surgeon practices.
  • Describe how new technologies can optimize OR capacity.