Free Webinar: Lean and Patient Safety: The Perfect Perioperative Partners


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Unprecedented times present unique opportunities. We all know how the pandemic has disrupted perioperative and elective services. The pandemic is challenging us, but it has also presented us with an opportunity to evaluate many processes during the re-start of surgical service lines. As you re-deploy you will find many opportunities for improvement. You have the ability with the right approach to improve quality, staff and surgeon satisfaction, patient satisfaction, flow, and expense.

How do you take advantage of this moment in time to identify the challenges that have plagued your OR for years, create logical plans, and finally implement solutions that work? During this free webinar, we will share Lean tools and methodologies that can help you attain a future state that is better than the pre-pandemic normal. You will learn straightforward Lean practices, tips, and tools that can help you improve perioperative services for the benefit of all. Discussion will also include case study examples of how Lean thinking can work to improve the effectiveness of your OR, every day, for everyone.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the opportunities for perioperative services improvement now and moving forward through the pandemic.
  2. Learn about Lean methodology and tools that can be deployed in any OR and SPD.
  3. Understand from case study examples how successful Lean interventions can be implemented and consistently reproduced.

 Webinar Leaders

Rachel Mandel, MD, MHA, is a physician executive with over 26 years of clinical, educational, and executive leadership experience. Dr. Mandel’s passions include the transformation of healthcare through process improvement, patient experience, and provider wellness. Dr. Mandel received her MHA and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in 2013 and is committed to assisting organizations on their journey to high reliability in these complex and challenging times. Dr. Mandel is the Senior Healthcare Advisor to OPS. She has been featured on several well-known Lean podcasts, contributed articles to industry publications, and enjoys speaking at healthcare-related conferences.

 Robert Klym is a consultant and operations manager with an exceptional history of experience in process improvement. Robert started his career with Toyota, where he learned, taught, and implemented the ground-breaking continuous improvement methodologies. Prior to starting his own consulting group in 2007, he implemented large-scale improvement initiatives that led to positive culture changes within companies such as GM. He has guided clients in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, government, the military, and insurance.