June 10 Webinar: How to Reduce Your Operating Rooms Supply Cost by $1 Million and Increase Service Line Profitability by 15%


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There are several challenges facing OR Leaders in cost management and maintaining healthy margins for surgical lines. The relentless rise of non-labor hospital costs is expected to continue throughout 2024. We are seeing an unprecedented price creep for OR implants and supplies.

For many OR leaders, cost control is a strategic priority. The Operating Room accounts for up to 70% of a hospital’s revenue, between 55% to 65% of its margins and 50% of a hospital’s costs – which makes the OR a foundational part of the financial success of a hospital.

With the loss of elective procedures during 2020, it is critical for the OR to assess their operating room costs and analyze profitability to ensure every opportunity is identified and implemented. VIE’s clients are achieving a new level of cost savings and profitability with a disciplined data-driven approach to analyzing costs.

Since the financial improvements are in the details, we will show you exactly where to look to uncover those details with the greatest financial benefit to your Operating Room.

There are seven proven strategies that will help your Operating Room to reduce costs and drive margin improvements within the next 60 days. These seven strategies are cost analytics, data governance, inventory optimization, charge capture, cost awareness, service line profitability and standardization.

For over 21 years, VIE Healthcare has worked collaboratively with hospitals and utilized specific strategies that have delivered real results in achieving sustainable cost savings. This webinar will provide a roadmap of those opportunities so that you will be able to implement them in your own OR.