OR Manager Conference – PACU/Post Op Sessions



This package includes the PACU sessions from the 2022 OR Manager Conference. Earn 6 contact hours upon completion of a post-test.

Presentations include:

  • PACU Flow: Mitigation Strategies to Alleviate the Bottleneck, Part I
  • PACU Flow: Mitigation Strategies to Alleviate the Bottleneck, Part II
  • Ask Me Anything – PACU Manager Panel
  • Is Your OR Ready for a DEA Inspection?
  • Don’t Forget Me! Commit to Sit for the Outpatient Population
  • Successfully Climbing the Leadership Ladder

Learn more about the sessions:

PACU Flow: Mitigation Strategies to Alleviate the Bottleneck, Parts I & II

Many factors contribute to bottlenecks in the PACU. This workshop will provide you with tools to more efficiently run your PACU and improve the patient flow from the OR to PACU to discharge. Create a predictor tool to anticipate issues in flow and mitigation strategies to alleviate the bottleneck.

Ask Me Anything – PACU Manager Panel

From staff allocation to pain management, your day is filled with judgment calls. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had your own sounding board? Now is your chance! During the “Ask-Me-Anything” panel, you will have access to accomplished postoperative patient care leaders who will share their lessons learned and secrets for success. Take advantage of this opportunity to have your questions answered by this distinguished panel of PACU experts.

Is Your OR Ready for a DEA Inspection?

As a result of the opioid crisis, no medical profession has come under more scrutiny, regulatory oversight, and increased legal risk than ORs, ASCs, or PACUs, which use opioid medications daily. This session will link the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) specific role in the practice of medicine and controlled substances in light of the opioid epidemic. Through a review of federal law, federal recordkeeping regulations, and actual case studies, attendees will learn what a DEA controlled substance audit is, what to expect, and how to prepare for a DEA inspection. The goal of this session is to provide information on the DEA’s controlled substance recordkeeping requirements to prevent negative government interaction and possible civil monetary fines.

Don’t Forget Me! Commit to Sit for the Outpatient Population

The goal of “Commit to Sit” is to increase patient satisfaction and nurse-patient communication. The commit to sit initiative will strive to increase OASCAPS scores in the discharge section, while decreasing negative comments about the discharge process during post-op day 1 follow up phone calls.

According to feedback from patients regarding discharge instructions during routine post-op phone calls, the need to improve the overall experience in the same day procedure area was critical to improving patient satisfaction. The phrases used by patients most frequently were ” I felt the nurse was rushing me” or ” I felt the nurse failed to review important information for my discharge plan. ” This potentially could impact 20 patients per day.

Compliance on reviewing discharge instructions varied. The commit to sit project was presented to the unit council and staff nurses were asked to voice their concerns and note any potential barriers to completing the project. Chairs were purchased for easy access for staff. Patient care techs were instructed to answer phones while nurses were committing to sit. Education was completed on all staff members by unit council members.

Data was collected from post op day 1 follow up phone calls, patients answered two survey questions. Bulletin boards were incorporated to explain to patients the project as well as the results of the data collected was placed for staff to see. The survey conducted among the staff nurses revealed a 73% favorable for the project to increase patient’s understanding while an 85.7% favorable it would enhance the overall hospital experience.

The 2-question survey collected from patients over a course of 17 weeks and revealed 94.5% overall that the project was being completed and it enhanced the overall hospital experience for the patient. Feedback from patients during the post-op phone calls conducted by the registered nurses in same day procedure unit revealed rare complaints of “feeling rushed” or “unprepared” after discharge since Commit to sit was implemented.

As the project continued the compliance of the nurses increased. Patients and staff found an overall improvement in the hospital experience based upon the data. Nurse compliance and engagement increased from staff to improve the patient’s experience in the department increased. Patient’s perception of nurse’s compassion to their wellbeing had been restored.

Successfully Climbing the Leadership Ladder

Successfully navigating the transition from peer to manager requires grace, grit, and resilience. Changing relationships, competing priorities, and shifts in care perspective are just a few challenges that test the resolve and stamina of new leaders. Having sound tips and tricks for creating and maintaining resilience is like having a steady pair of hands anchoring the leadership ladder.